Monday, 10 December 2012

Ofelia market

This Sunday I visited Ofelia market, place for all kinds of quirky styles including lolita, for the first time. I loved all the beautiful and original accessories and clothes vendors had for sale, I wish I could have brought half the stuff there home with me. In the end I settled for a cameo ring since I found one that actually fits me! I have quite thin fingers, rings tend to be a serious problem and that's partly why I wear them seldom. Also, I can't buy one without lots of room for adjustment or trying it on first. Now I need to hunt down cute matching necklace though...

I decided to take my laciest dress out for the first time. I feel it's too much for normal days so I pretty much need some kind of special occasion to wear it.  Anyways, pictures.

Tired derpyface after the market.
JSK, blouse and headbow(it belongs on the dress) IW. It's too bad I forgot to take picture of the back of the dress. It has a lovely lace bustle!

The ring I bought from Smooth jewelry, a Finnish designer. My nails usually have French manicure unless I feel the urge to do some special pattern.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Let it snow

It's been snowing like there's no tomorrow for the last two days here. I have pretty much tried to stay inside as much as possible since the wind whipping snow everywhere and making it feel even more freezing. However, today the sun was shining and everything was white! Perfect day for some shopping. I piled on multiple stockings and forwent buns and curls in favor of my woolen beret. I'll need to hunt down some red rose corsages though, they'd go so well with those tights in other coords too.
Blouse : Wonderotropolis
Other from basic shops.
Earlier this week I tried to make dot nails. I like the idea, but clearly need some more practise. Also maybe better brush as well... It really took some crazy acrobaty to get that picture alone.

I got some nice, blue silk to make an evening gown with. My boyfriend has a course ball with other officer students (I guess that's right, military ranks are difficult to translate) and I'm his avec. Some fast sewing coming up. 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Gathering basics

I've been sick the whole weekend so no updates, only hot tea and sleep.But, my new blouse arrived this Monday. Finally I have proper black blouse and I love it! I got it from Wondertropolis (arthael on LJ) in custom colour since the original was dotted.

 The fabric is soft, thick cotton and construction is great. I really love that huge bow and it's detachable so wearing it more casual is possible too. No lace, but cute ruffles on sleeves. The bow in the picture came as present. I put on a fast coord to actually see it on. I think it fits my wardrobe very well.

Looking at that picture, I really realized how bright my nails are. Really ought to repaint them.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Free Friday

I decided not to go all the way to school for one lecture and instead stayed home and read the monster book(3.7 kg!) instead. So I had the whole quiet house to myself. That's when I like to dress up a bit, have good breakfast with lots of tea and conquer living room sofa. My coord was  quite simple since I have to go pick up my boyfriend and find a birthday present for my friend later today.

OP, OTKs: Innocent world
Please forgive the weird expression.
Necklace handmade and the shoes are my new winter shoes. I'm thinking of adding a little fur top to them. They're already lined with (fake) fur and after that they would much my earmuffs. Maybe I'll even make a hand muff to go with my winter coordinates.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Little crafting

Just a quick update now since I can't write in the weekend. We're making a little road trip to my boyfriends summer cottage before it gets way too cold. Anyway, I got home early so I finished and took photos of my recent crafts. I wanted something simple but cute and I love pearls. So a matching necklace and bracelet it is!

Made from an old long pearl necklace and some spare ribbon. I'll still need to clean the ends of those ribbons and position them a bit. The contrast between pearls and ribbons is quite not that strong in real life but still apparent. I like to use both clean white and more muted ivory so I like it.

That's it for today. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Like many others, I saw Skyfall yesterday. I wasn't actually very keen on watching it but my friends insisted. I'm more of a old-fashion Bond fan. Well, to cut it short, it was quite okay, just... Hollyvied.

Since this also marked the end of my exam week I wanted to wear something nice. Surprisingly my dress of choice was Rose stained glass. No blouse, how unloli of me but we continued to my friends place so it was more convenient like this. I'm sad I couldn't take picture in the theater, I love it! It's the oldest cinema in Finland and the halls look more like actual theaters with stage replaced by a screen. Lots of gold and bordeaux to match my dress. I just though the staff might not like me carrying big camera to day after premiere show...

Please excuse the expression. Jsk Iw, others offbrand.

On Sunday I met my dear friend. We haven't seen for quite a while so we simply cooked thai food and tried to catch up. I love talking with someone who has such a similar mindset. It's too bad our other friend couldn't come this time.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pile of tea

Hello again!

In a short time I have acquired quite a collection of tea. I used to have two or three different black or green teas since I hadn't really stumbled upon good shops. It's still not humongous amount, but quite a  lot for one person. Here's my recent additions:

The red one, "Rooibos of happy madams" which was a birthday gift. I haven't opened this one yet.
Top left, black tea with Irish whiskey flavour. I really like it, maybe one day I'll test it with just a bit of actual whiskey.
Middle, green one called Samurai sword. It has hint of cherry, lemon grass and orange peel. Very refreshing, one of my favourites (I love cherry and lemon).
Black bag, vanilla. It has real pieces of vanilla in it. Extremely soft and perfect for winter. Tastes more like warm vanilla than typical tea.
Last one on left, Lolita. It's another flavoured black and if I remember right it has orange peel and flowers. Very delicate and fine taste.

My aunt took me yesterday to our traditional birthday dinner. We went to Strindberg, an old classic place. I really liked it, atmosphere was very comfy but sophisticated with lovely book cases, soft sofas and pillows. And the food was delicious! It was great chance to catch up and discuss things with my aunt, since I haven't seen her for a while. She hasn't seen me decked in lolita yet and probably isn't very familiar with it. I wanted to look a bit fancier so I put together simple coord.
JSK is the same IW as before, othes offbrand. I really should start taking accessory pictures. I had pretty wooden, autumn coloured leaves for earrings. I really like them, they're gift from years back and handmade.

Friday, 12 October 2012

20 roses

What is it with professors deciding to dump all assignments at once with deadlines close by?

Anyway, last week was my birthday. Saw good friends and we did go to Kakkugalleria. The buffet was awesome, so many good cakes it was hard to choose. I really love cheesecakes and citrusy flavours. Nothing wrong with chocolate, of course. I just find it kind of more... basic. Something I always tend to do. And now I have huge craving for mud cake and it's too late to bake...

I got some useful and pretty things along with more tea (nice, sweet Rooibos). Also, my godparents gave me this huge bouquet with 20 roses. It was funny watching my mom be half amused and half annoyed since you should put uneven number of flowers. I divided them into two vases so I would have roses in other rooms too. Sadly they wither so fast... One of my skirts matched well with the roses so I took some fast and unimaginative photos with them. Unfortunately I still don't have that pod and managed to fail all full outfit shots =(.

Blouse: Pretty-pretty
Skirt: Me
Bow (It is a bow): IW
Others: Offbrand

I may upload some pictures of my Disney-theme sitsi-outfit on Sunday. We'll see what becomes of it.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wet leaves

It's been crazily busy at school lately. But at weekend I'll celebrate my birthday together with a friends who's is close to mine. We though about going to Kakkugalleria (Cake Gallery) where they have a cake buffet. Looking forward to it! Unfortunately I can't wear loli on my actual birthday since I'm stuck in lab once again. Maybe I'll take a little detour home and visit Ounce though... 

Today I cheated a little and changed clothes after I got home. I seriously want to make an Autumn shoot but I still haven't got the pod from my boyfriend. Hanging camera on trees is not fun. So today I got some photos with leaves before it rains even more and everything is absolutely soaked or fallen off.

JSK: Innocent World
Blouse : Pretty-Pretty clothing
Everything else offbrand.

I love that JSK. It's really hard to capture on camera without real close-up but it has moss-green stripes on it. Also, excuse my little crooked beret.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pride and Prejudice

I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory... I just finally got around to reading Pride an Prejudice and was surprised by it. It was so much lighter than I thought and full of delicious irony! I would really recommend it if anyone else has gotten to this point without ever opening it.

The book with my late grandmothers Myrna coffee cup

This fall I wanted to pick up some classics and fill the darkness and rain with old romance. Right now I moved from Austen to Bronte, so alphabetical order and all... As you may guess my next pick was Jane Eyre. So far it has been quite nice, though not quite as enjoyable as Austen. Also it's heavy and fills up my bag so I often have to choose between taking it or my laptop to uni.

I also finally got my hands on infamous Lolita. My local library seems to never have it available, until now. I could probably have borrowed the lovely old edition my boyfriend has, but carrying it around in my bag would pretty much kill it. My love for books, especially old, won't allow that. Or buying Kindle edition. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to actually reading it. Although... it has already showed it's bad reputation. I got some raised eyebrows, when I told my schoolmates I finally got it. Some where kind of puzzled, why I would want to read about a crazy pedophile, and wasn't it "kind of nasty book". Oh, Nabokov, what have you done!

Tomorrow it's time to shop a little. I need new shoes and coat for winter, also maybe I'll pick up some other nice stuff like earmuffs and more tea. With good luck I'll get my boyfriends camera pod since he won't need it for a while. The trees are really pretty right now.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Light Créme

On Sunday I had a craft meet-up "Light" Créme de la Garderobe. We were in a lovely cafe/shop filled with romantic things and clothes. I mostly just continued my lace glove-crochet project, I'll post them as soon as they're ready! I had fun, met people and ate great apple pie. And I want to go back to that cafe for lunch one day, ti was so charming! Too bad I didn't have my camera with me to take some pictures.

Anyway, my coord for the day, I wanted to wear my favourite dress. Sorry, the photo is a bit yellowy(and my hair bun does not show!), I was in a rush.

Jsk, blouse, OTK: IW
Shoes from Italy
Everything else offbrand

Next week will be filled with labstuff and hopefully shopping. It's sale in Uff, a second hand shop. I'm hoping to find a coat I can mod and/or destroy since my old winter coat is ragged and not so warm.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Starting up

I really should be reading my tomorrows lab instructions, but I just felt like starting this right now. I've been pondering about having a lolitaish centered blog now that I'm slowly creeping back in style. So I believe this blog will contain everything I feel pretty and loliesque from clothes and shopping to tea, literature and ideology.

I first stumbled upon lolita in 2007 with the help of anime conventions. Back then sweet was becoming more and more popular and multiple brands started international shipping. Still, in Finnish ommunity it was wuite common to wear handmade stuff and real burando was around but few had it. I was never too big fan of sweet since I didn't feel at home in bright pastels. I absolutely fell in love with classic brands like Victorian maiden, Mary Magdalene and also Innocent world. But... getting any of those was hard and cost a fortune and even then you had to be small enough. I went to couple of meet ups but felt the style was too hard to fit in everyday and my friends back then wouldn't have understood a thing. Everyone dressing somehow Japan-inspired were grouped as japanese weeaboos and so on. I simply gave up.

I never stopped following forums and brands though. Every now and then I went back on sites and ogled dresses. Almost all of the skirts and dresses I sew for myself had wide hems and loli-inspired feeling. This summer I was once again browsing forums. I though, why couldn't I simply start dressing up again since I love the style. Of course it still wouldn't be practical and I wouldn't be able to wear to uni because of labs and other stuff. Still, even weekends or nights out would be a dream of mine. And that's how I'm here.