Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pride and Prejudice

I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory... I just finally got around to reading Pride an Prejudice and was surprised by it. It was so much lighter than I thought and full of delicious irony! I would really recommend it if anyone else has gotten to this point without ever opening it.

The book with my late grandmothers Myrna coffee cup

This fall I wanted to pick up some classics and fill the darkness and rain with old romance. Right now I moved from Austen to Bronte, so alphabetical order and all... As you may guess my next pick was Jane Eyre. So far it has been quite nice, though not quite as enjoyable as Austen. Also it's heavy and fills up my bag so I often have to choose between taking it or my laptop to uni.

I also finally got my hands on infamous Lolita. My local library seems to never have it available, until now. I could probably have borrowed the lovely old edition my boyfriend has, but carrying it around in my bag would pretty much kill it. My love for books, especially old, won't allow that. Or buying Kindle edition. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to actually reading it. Although... it has already showed it's bad reputation. I got some raised eyebrows, when I told my schoolmates I finally got it. Some where kind of puzzled, why I would want to read about a crazy pedophile, and wasn't it "kind of nasty book". Oh, Nabokov, what have you done!

Tomorrow it's time to shop a little. I need new shoes and coat for winter, also maybe I'll pick up some other nice stuff like earmuffs and more tea. With good luck I'll get my boyfriends camera pod since he won't need it for a while. The trees are really pretty right now.

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