Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Starting up

I really should be reading my tomorrows lab instructions, but I just felt like starting this right now. I've been pondering about having a lolitaish centered blog now that I'm slowly creeping back in style. So I believe this blog will contain everything I feel pretty and loliesque from clothes and shopping to tea, literature and ideology.

I first stumbled upon lolita in 2007 with the help of anime conventions. Back then sweet was becoming more and more popular and multiple brands started international shipping. Still, in Finnish ommunity it was wuite common to wear handmade stuff and real burando was around but few had it. I was never too big fan of sweet since I didn't feel at home in bright pastels. I absolutely fell in love with classic brands like Victorian maiden, Mary Magdalene and also Innocent world. But... getting any of those was hard and cost a fortune and even then you had to be small enough. I went to couple of meet ups but felt the style was too hard to fit in everyday and my friends back then wouldn't have understood a thing. Everyone dressing somehow Japan-inspired were grouped as japanese weeaboos and so on. I simply gave up.

I never stopped following forums and brands though. Every now and then I went back on sites and ogled dresses. Almost all of the skirts and dresses I sew for myself had wide hems and loli-inspired feeling. This summer I was once again browsing forums. I though, why couldn't I simply start dressing up again since I love the style. Of course it still wouldn't be practical and I wouldn't be able to wear to uni because of labs and other stuff. Still, even weekends or nights out would be a dream of mine. And that's how I'm here.

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