Friday, 12 October 2012

20 roses

What is it with professors deciding to dump all assignments at once with deadlines close by?

Anyway, last week was my birthday. Saw good friends and we did go to Kakkugalleria. The buffet was awesome, so many good cakes it was hard to choose. I really love cheesecakes and citrusy flavours. Nothing wrong with chocolate, of course. I just find it kind of more... basic. Something I always tend to do. And now I have huge craving for mud cake and it's too late to bake...

I got some useful and pretty things along with more tea (nice, sweet Rooibos). Also, my godparents gave me this huge bouquet with 20 roses. It was funny watching my mom be half amused and half annoyed since you should put uneven number of flowers. I divided them into two vases so I would have roses in other rooms too. Sadly they wither so fast... One of my skirts matched well with the roses so I took some fast and unimaginative photos with them. Unfortunately I still don't have that pod and managed to fail all full outfit shots =(.

Blouse: Pretty-pretty
Skirt: Me
Bow (It is a bow): IW
Others: Offbrand

I may upload some pictures of my Disney-theme sitsi-outfit on Sunday. We'll see what becomes of it.

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