Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pile of tea

Hello again!

In a short time I have acquired quite a collection of tea. I used to have two or three different black or green teas since I hadn't really stumbled upon good shops. It's still not humongous amount, but quite a  lot for one person. Here's my recent additions:

The red one, "Rooibos of happy madams" which was a birthday gift. I haven't opened this one yet.
Top left, black tea with Irish whiskey flavour. I really like it, maybe one day I'll test it with just a bit of actual whiskey.
Middle, green one called Samurai sword. It has hint of cherry, lemon grass and orange peel. Very refreshing, one of my favourites (I love cherry and lemon).
Black bag, vanilla. It has real pieces of vanilla in it. Extremely soft and perfect for winter. Tastes more like warm vanilla than typical tea.
Last one on left, Lolita. It's another flavoured black and if I remember right it has orange peel and flowers. Very delicate and fine taste.

My aunt took me yesterday to our traditional birthday dinner. We went to Strindberg, an old classic place. I really liked it, atmosphere was very comfy but sophisticated with lovely book cases, soft sofas and pillows. And the food was delicious! It was great chance to catch up and discuss things with my aunt, since I haven't seen her for a while. She hasn't seen me decked in lolita yet and probably isn't very familiar with it. I wanted to look a bit fancier so I put together simple coord.
JSK is the same IW as before, othes offbrand. I really should start taking accessory pictures. I had pretty wooden, autumn coloured leaves for earrings. I really like them, they're gift from years back and handmade.

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