Monday, 19 November 2012

Gathering basics

I've been sick the whole weekend so no updates, only hot tea and sleep.But, my new blouse arrived this Monday. Finally I have proper black blouse and I love it! I got it from Wondertropolis (arthael on LJ) in custom colour since the original was dotted.

 The fabric is soft, thick cotton and construction is great. I really love that huge bow and it's detachable so wearing it more casual is possible too. No lace, but cute ruffles on sleeves. The bow in the picture came as present. I put on a fast coord to actually see it on. I think it fits my wardrobe very well.

Looking at that picture, I really realized how bright my nails are. Really ought to repaint them.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Free Friday

I decided not to go all the way to school for one lecture and instead stayed home and read the monster book(3.7 kg!) instead. So I had the whole quiet house to myself. That's when I like to dress up a bit, have good breakfast with lots of tea and conquer living room sofa. My coord was  quite simple since I have to go pick up my boyfriend and find a birthday present for my friend later today.

OP, OTKs: Innocent world
Please forgive the weird expression.
Necklace handmade and the shoes are my new winter shoes. I'm thinking of adding a little fur top to them. They're already lined with (fake) fur and after that they would much my earmuffs. Maybe I'll even make a hand muff to go with my winter coordinates.