Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cruise to Stockholm

It's been way too long. My last few weeks have been spent with oversized hoodies and woolen socks, trying to cram for exams. I'm already afraid of summer, with my BA on the way...

On the other note, we have this traditional freshman cruise to Stockholm. We had an awesome discount, so me and my friends decided to tag along. No lolita, so no outfits, but some picture spam of a lovely city and stuff I bought. There's this amazing sci-fi and fantasy bookstore in Stockholm, Science fiction bokhandeln, I have to visit every time. They had lovely collections of classic novels and shortstories with beautiful bindings and I bought the Edgar Allan Poe one. Jane Austen was also tempting, but this had more stories I hadn't read already. Sadly we didn't have time and energy to wonder all the way to The Tea Center of Stockholm, but I got some from another store. It's a black tea with berries and sweet flavor called Gamla Stan (Old town).

The book, the tea and very nice dark circle corrector from Clinique.
And some photos from Stockholm, click bigger.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Teaparty for Essi

This weekend I attended a tea party memorial for the ever talented Essi. It was her dream to host one and I'm glad it came true in a way. Everything was absolutely lovely and the food was delicious. I'm a horrible food photographer, so better just believe me. I'm also incredibly jealous of their house, everything was so pretty and detailed! Lots of the furniture was chosen and customized by Essi. It was great to see people again and meet some new ones as well.

I've come to think of this dress as a kind of "special occasion outfit", that's one of the reasons it's not seen very often here. Anyway, JSK IW, blouse Wonderotropolis and bonnet by me. I really need to make sturdier version two.

As I said, the house was like a dream or a fairytale. Click pictures bigger.

We also got to buy Essis handmade jewelry. Doesn't that table make your sweet-tooth ache? Unfortunately bright pastels don't really fit in my wardrobe and I had to pass these.

Lastly, Mari playing around. It was nice seeing you!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Autumn tea day

I finally met with my school's tea club, Chai. We had a lovely "Autumn tea day" event, with lots of different tea, sweets and people from multiple countries. I learned quite a lot and met awesome people in just this session.

I decided to do something a bit more casual. I love navy and red and it fit nicely with the colorful trees. Also I got to finally wear my grandmas hat! I should have taken a profile picture... JSK is good old IW, blouse and neck ribbon DreamV, roses H&M.
There was so many cute cups, pots and this adorable gaiwan. Now I really want to get a nice new set. I could use smaller pot and a set of actual teacups...
All kinds of utensils and some Chinese green tea steeping. I managed to forget this ones name. We compared it with a similar Japanese one. It amazing how the flavour changes with each cup.
I learned a lot more about making and serving tea gong fu style. I'm so much better used to the western custom, but this gives quite different aspect of enjoying tea. It gives a bit different social aspect to tasting and discussing in my opinion.

Next week, it's macha latte time, I'm really looking forward to it!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Hair begone

My work is finally over, freshmen orientation week is over, and I'm free! To celebrate my last work day, I finally marched to a hairdresser and got a new haircut. For the first time in ten years, I have short hair. Well, short for me, it reaches just my shoulders. I'll take better pictures later, when it's straight.

I had a day off, so time for some dollying up and running errands! I just bought a flat iron and wanted to try curling with it. Usually curls won't hold, and these are no exception, they are pretty flat now in the evening. Curling with flat iron is so hard! I end up either making half the hair curly, all straight or every curl way different. More practice, I guess... Anyway, picture time!

You can somewhat see the new length here, also rose attack.

Outfit of the day, pretty similar to what I've done already. JSK IW, blouse DeamV, rest offbrand.

I managed to kill the shift, tab and windows button on my laptop. Makes life pretty hard :/

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ropecon 2013

I feel so tired! I've pretty much been working or at summer cottages/with friends so no lolita quality time. Fortunately I just got my autumn schedule checked and I'll have plenty of free (well, working from home) days. Soon it's time for colder weather and more layers, eep! I should really get some more blouses and boleros or knits to pull it all of.

Anyway, since Ropecon (a role-playing convention) was quite near me and a friend of mine was attending, I decided to have a quick visit. It was ridiculously hot so I had to change my plans before I made it out of the door. Back to the closet went the blouse and a more inspired look appeared. I decided to wear my glasses for once, usually they're for school or driving only. I actually really like the look they give this outfit. I didn't get good picture of the bun, but it was pretty basic ballerina version with some roses.

Jsk IW, rest offbrand/second hand.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Finncon 2013

I decided to visit Finncon (Finnish fantasy and science fiction convention) since it was in Helsinki once again (it tours around nation in big cities). Sadly many of the panels and lectures I wanted to see were quite early or on Friday, which I was working. I decided to visit anyway on Saturday, to check the artist valley and other merchandise and check a panel. It was quite nice day, so I donned up a bit. I've been wanting to try and find some use for this cutsew. It's a bit too hot for actual summer, but isn't enough on it's own once it's bit colder. Also, it's annoyingly opaque. My hair listened to me for once, whole day curls!

I do have tights on, they just blend quite well...
Skirt: Me
Cutsew: IW (I love the sleeve ribbons!)
Bag: Accessorize
Bracelet: Snö of Sweden

Monday, 24 June 2013


Summer began and with it, my new job. I've been pretty much working and afterwards just sleeping or reading. So no new outfit pictures for now. I did some shopping with a very casual outfit, so some recent finds pictures coming up.

Two kinds of tea, "Ice apple" and Creme brulee. The second one is actually for my mother, she requested something black and sweet. I just might taste a bit when I visit her ;). Also a solid shampoo, I've herad good things about these. I still have some of my old bottle left so no testing quite yet.

Finally I found a new back to replace my old, nearly destroyed one. Nothing would a) look good b) fit A4 or my laptop. So happy to finally get a new one!

I just spent midsummer with my boyfriend and his family at their summer cottage. Finally swam a bit and got to go to a real wooden sauna =). Maybe this new energy will get some inspiration and power in me.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Last Sunday I visited local hanami festiva and met some other Finnish lolitas. Hopefully I'll get to go to more meetings this summer. As you can see, the spring is quite late here, it's like we jumped from winter straight to summer... On the plus side, have some pretty pictures of cherry blossoms and the Japanese garden.

Unfortunately I had to dress down quite a lot since I wasn't at home this weekend and dragging petticoat alone was annoying. JSK IW, blouse Pretty Pretty, hair flowers H&M and Kicks.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Long time no see

It's been a while since I last wrote anything. The spring is only slowly creeping to Finland and my courses really didn't give time to wear lolita, so I haven't got much material. But now, no more stinky labs for me and wappu (the biggest celebration and end of most courses for us students) is also coming!

I just recently brought my favourite tea set to my new place. It's actually coffee set, but only used for tea. They were my grandmothers and with some google-fu I found out they are made in Bavaria, Germany around 1940. I really love the delicacy of them, even though the handle is way too small to be really used and has to be simply pinched.  I would really like to get matching teapot, perhaps simple white or one with flowers. My usual black clashes really badly with them =(.

Staying in tea, I just used my last leaves of tea flavour named "Lolita". I've set myself a rule of having to fit all my tea in a shoebox so this mean I get to buy something new! Oh, the choices!

I feel that this is a nice gap to touch the subject of lifestyle lolita and me. I will never be a full-time lolita, as that is not possible to fit into my school or work and my wardrobe is not nearly large enough. Also, many of my hobbies or my studies don't really fit the image of a victorian lady But then again, I do have some possible traces of "lifestyling" in my room decoration or leisure time activities. I really can't say whether one has stemmed from another or simply similar interest have attracted each other. I would say, for example, that my love of tea and the occasional classical music has some roots in the early days I discovered lolita but kept evolving even when I stopped following the style for a while. However, I've always loved old, romantic things in decoration and clothing. Lolita simply gives me a way to express and bind these to my regular life. I believe that's the usual way anyway, so nothing special.

However, I'm often wondering... what makes people want to strive for that image of the perfect lolita? What it it with this style that makes it consumes so much of ones life and alters choices one makes? I have occasionally pondered trying this or that because it would better fit the style. Usually it's not my cup of tea and gets dropped, but still. I did try it because of a fashion style. Even better, a style I don't even wear weekly! Huh, crazy world.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Since I had pretty much only pictures of the fashion shows, I just decided to wait for the photographer pics. It's been a while, but the con was great. I really had problems deciding, when to go grab something to eat - too many shows I wanted to see! Many thanks for the organizers and everyone there once more, hopefully we'll get another one some day.

Unfortunately my lens (or skills, probably latter) didn't work well with the stage lights, most of really light or dark outfits just look horrible. So, some picks it is!

The "absolute elegance" fashion show and lovely matching unicorn coordinates =)

Only sky is the limit, I simply love all those flowers and how this reminds me of summer/spring.

Only sky is the limit, I was nearly making grabby hands at that teapot. And bonnet.
Only sky is the limit, I seriously love everything from coordinate to make-up to accessories. Gorgeous and very well though out, really looks awesome on stage.

Only sky is the limit, one of my absolute favourite coordinates, so many things I adore at once.
Cloudberry Lady, stunning one piece and bonnet. Pretty much my favourite design from her.
Offbrand and budget lolita, so adorable! I love that poofy hair and those colours!
Offbrand and budget lolita, well balanced and lovely coord, I like the history inspiration. Also a brand I hadn't heard of before, nice to know.

Offbrand and budget lolita, really love the vintage feel in this one. That headpiece alone is to die for.

Finally, picture of my coord, and for once by someone other than me!
All credit to Miikka Pihlajamäki, thanks for a great job! And wow those shoes look clunky there, but it was really slippery and cold outside. I really need to refluffify my petticoat too, it seems >.<.
Jsk, shirt: IW
Bonnet: me
Flowers: H&M, Kicks
And selfie of the bonnet. I think I'll make the next one (if I make one) less antenna and more forward hunched. Once again, my curls died seconds before I got to the convention, I'm pretty much giving up with them at this point. Forever straight hair lolita, yeah!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Office lolita

I wanted to try and make a bit more work/school appropriate coordination. Of course, to actually tone it down I should have taken out at least one petti. Since I actually just wore it to spend time with my bf, I decided to fluff on. I kind of like the minimal accessories and love how well that blazer goes with my skirts. It has pleat in the back that allows it to lay nicely on the skirt and also it's shorter than my other blazers.

I don't understand why my hair looks that gradient here.
Skirt: Me
Blazer: Second hand
Blouse: IW
Shoes: From Italy
I wear quite a lot of blouses with my normal clothes, but never very elaborate ones. People would really raise eyebrows for the amount of lace, weird collars and all the details. Even this one would be "too much" because of the standing collar and too "vintagy" look. I may try and incorporate it one day with everything else really down to earth, fingers crossed. Surprisingly though, that skirt and similar went unnoticed even with quite a lot of poof.

Aaand one more because the suitcase of my sewing machine just looked nice with this. I recently found its receipt: it's bought in -77! Talk about bang for buck...

Monday, 25 February 2013

Recent finds

Hi everyone!
I'll make a post about Hellocon after I'm done choosing and editing pictures! It was a blast, though.

Last week a took a little trip to recycling center. I never knew it was that huge and had so much nice stuff for so cheap. I originally needed to buy a chair to kitchen, but then I stumbled upon free to take-part of it. So many books! Also some other stuff in great condition, it was so weird.
 I got three lovely books, Marie Antoinette, compilation of Shakespeare dramas and random one called Love at festival or something like that. I have some other plans for it, it won't stay as a book, no.

I also got this black bag for free. It was in great condition, I have no idea why it was there. In the picture are also pair of rabbit earrings I bought at Hellocon. They are so detailed, I love them! Still need to get a cameo necklace though, none there matched my ring.
And a close-up of the earrings. I'm thinking af getting a matching ring too. They just tend to be too big ;_;.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hello new life!

I've been kind of quiet for a while and for a reason. I just moved to a new apartment (well, dorm)! Even though I've unpacked everything I'm still not quite sure how to organize my stuff. I still need some key things like curtains and carpet, but after that I'll probably take some pictures.

The other thing holding me back is snow. It's been snowing nonstop for days now, ugh! Today I got to stay in so I wanted to finally wear something pretty. Simple coord, coming up! I'm sorry for the darkness, my new lamp hasn't been set up yet.

Skirt handmade, blouse Wonderotropolis, others offbrand.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Overflow of roses

Sooo, I have mostly free Friday in this period so I decided to take some time and play with my hair. It was horrible. Once I ha d a nice shape, I realized I still had around 1/3 of my hair left. It's too short to make really elaborated stuff but there's too much for nice buns other than the very basic cases. Or I just suck. That's always possible too.

Anyway, free (freezing) Friday with bunch of roses in my hair to hide how lopsided my bun is.

I was first going for a bit different look so red tights. OP IW, roses from accessory shops, ring Smooth jewelry and necklace my late grandmother.

Same with white tights, more matchy. That belt just won't stay put, I'll have to think something for the next time.
And finally one weird angle to show the headpiece a bit. My head weighted a ton. It felt weird to shake it =). The bun behind to roses doesn't show too well in pictures. At least not ones taken with timer.