Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Long time no see

It's been a while since I last wrote anything. The spring is only slowly creeping to Finland and my courses really didn't give time to wear lolita, so I haven't got much material. But now, no more stinky labs for me and wappu (the biggest celebration and end of most courses for us students) is also coming!

I just recently brought my favourite tea set to my new place. It's actually coffee set, but only used for tea. They were my grandmothers and with some google-fu I found out they are made in Bavaria, Germany around 1940. I really love the delicacy of them, even though the handle is way too small to be really used and has to be simply pinched.  I would really like to get matching teapot, perhaps simple white or one with flowers. My usual black clashes really badly with them =(.

Staying in tea, I just used my last leaves of tea flavour named "Lolita". I've set myself a rule of having to fit all my tea in a shoebox so this mean I get to buy something new! Oh, the choices!

I feel that this is a nice gap to touch the subject of lifestyle lolita and me. I will never be a full-time lolita, as that is not possible to fit into my school or work and my wardrobe is not nearly large enough. Also, many of my hobbies or my studies don't really fit the image of a victorian lady But then again, I do have some possible traces of "lifestyling" in my room decoration or leisure time activities. I really can't say whether one has stemmed from another or simply similar interest have attracted each other. I would say, for example, that my love of tea and the occasional classical music has some roots in the early days I discovered lolita but kept evolving even when I stopped following the style for a while. However, I've always loved old, romantic things in decoration and clothing. Lolita simply gives me a way to express and bind these to my regular life. I believe that's the usual way anyway, so nothing special.

However, I'm often wondering... what makes people want to strive for that image of the perfect lolita? What it it with this style that makes it consumes so much of ones life and alters choices one makes? I have occasionally pondered trying this or that because it would better fit the style. Usually it's not my cup of tea and gets dropped, but still. I did try it because of a fashion style. Even better, a style I don't even wear weekly! Huh, crazy world.