Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Finncon 2013

I decided to visit Finncon (Finnish fantasy and science fiction convention) since it was in Helsinki once again (it tours around nation in big cities). Sadly many of the panels and lectures I wanted to see were quite early or on Friday, which I was working. I decided to visit anyway on Saturday, to check the artist valley and other merchandise and check a panel. It was quite nice day, so I donned up a bit. I've been wanting to try and find some use for this cutsew. It's a bit too hot for actual summer, but isn't enough on it's own once it's bit colder. Also, it's annoyingly opaque. My hair listened to me for once, whole day curls!

I do have tights on, they just blend quite well...
Skirt: Me
Cutsew: IW (I love the sleeve ribbons!)
Bag: Accessorize
Bracelet: Snö of Sweden