Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ropecon 2013

I feel so tired! I've pretty much been working or at summer cottages/with friends so no lolita quality time. Fortunately I just got my autumn schedule checked and I'll have plenty of free (well, working from home) days. Soon it's time for colder weather and more layers, eep! I should really get some more blouses and boleros or knits to pull it all of.

Anyway, since Ropecon (a role-playing convention) was quite near me and a friend of mine was attending, I decided to have a quick visit. It was ridiculously hot so I had to change my plans before I made it out of the door. Back to the closet went the blouse and a more inspired look appeared. I decided to wear my glasses for once, usually they're for school or driving only. I actually really like the look they give this outfit. I didn't get good picture of the bun, but it was pretty basic ballerina version with some roses.

Jsk IW, rest offbrand/second hand.